Why You Should Use Pet Boarding Services

Pet owners are often wracked with guilt when they head out the door every morning, or worse, off for a long vacation. Rather than leaving the precious pooch on its own, many owners are willing to pay for doggie day-care, pet sitting services and long-term boarding services. However, a demand that sits between the three aforementioned dog care services has developed in recent years. Dog boarding is a short-term service that lasts for a stipulated period of time in exchange for a fixed price. [Read More]

Top Tips For Stress-Free Travel For You And Your Dog

The journey to a boarding kennel like Penfield Kennels & Cattery can be stressful and upsetting for your dog if he's not used to travelling in your car.  Here are some top tips to keep your pooch chilled-out en route to his doggy hotel. Travelling crates The safest way for your dog to travel is in a special travelling crate in the back of your car.  If your dog is crated for his journey, he won't be able to cavort around the vehicle causing a dangerous distraction for the driver and risking injury to himself in the event that you have to brake sharply. [Read More]

Why You Should Consider Dog Boarding For Your Pet Next Time You Travel

Everyone has to travel every now and then, be it for work, to visit friends and relatives or to go for vacations. If you have a pet dog, you have to take special consideration for their welfare before you leave. Although you have several options to explore, this article shows you why a dog boarding facility should be your top choice. Avoid the hassle of travelling with your dog Even where you could travel with your dog, remember not all dogs take well to travel. [Read More]

Pet Boarding: Tips & Tricks To Make It All A Little Easier

Booking your pet into a place like a cat boarding location can be a painful, stressful process for all parties involved. In an ideal world, you'd probably take your pet with you everywhere you go, but unfortunately sometimes this simply isn't feasible. Whilst the thought of leaving your animal behind for a week or two may be difficult to stomach, the whole process of checking in your precious pet to a boarding facility may be daunting enough in itself. [Read More]